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Myron Nilsson;  Creative Director, Content Director, Head of  Too many titles.  
New York City and beyond 

Myron is a storyteller by nature, Creative Director by trade who helps brands connect with fans through relevant, thoughtful content.  

More than mildly obsessed with understanding what makes people tick and click, Myron leads a group of talented creatives at Octagon, the world's largest sports & entertainment agency. Myron and his team have strategically brought to life award-winning work for clients including AB InBev, Allstate, Bank of America, BMW, Delta Air Lines, JBL, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly-Clark, Coca-Cola, LG, MasterCard, Taco Bell, Sony, and Sprint.

Myron's recent work for Delta Air Lines has been nominated for multiple Webbys, Cynopsis Model D Award for Best Branded Content and also honored as part of the Webby for Good collection, projects created in pursuit of promoting social good. 

Myron holds a masters degree in design and technology from Utah State University and a degree in psychology/marketing from BYU-Hawaii. 

As a teenager, Myron landed his dream gig as a whitewater river guide in California. During his seasons on the river and around campfires he discovered the power of storytelling, and he believes it is by telling our best stories that we connect as humans.