Myron Nilsson
DC. NYC. LA. + beyond 

As a visual storyteller driven by the challenge of solving complex creative problems, Myron brings over 15 years of experience to his work. Collaborating with top brands and agencies, he has crafted award-winning multi-channel marketing campaigns, demonstrating his proficiency and dedication to his craft.

With a passion for transforming conceptual ideas into reality, Myron is Executive Creative Director at Hilton. In this role, he leads a diverse and multi-disciplinary team of talented creators, innovators, and dreamers. His previous tenure at Octagon was marked by the strategic development of award-winning content for a broad array of brands, including AB InBev, Allstate, Bank of America, BMW, Coca-Cola, CVS, Delta Air Lines, General Mills, Marriott, The Home Depot, Hilton, Intel, JBL, Johnson & Johnson, LG, Mastercard, PlayStation, Taco Bell, Topps, Sony, Sprint, and UPS.

Myron's storytelling journey began in his teenage years as a whitewater river guide in California's Sierra Nevadas. It was there that he discovered the power of storytelling — not just as a form of entertainment, but as a fundamental means of human connection. He continues to embrace this art by volunteering with youth high adventure programs, where he shares his love for campfires, hot chocolate, and, of course, captivating stories.

Myron holds a master's degree in Design and Technology and a bachelor's degree in Psychology.